Get ready for Solana's
LST-Backed Stablecoin, $YBX

marginfi will soon release $YBX: a yield-bearing stable asset to capture base layer monetary policy. If you're a larger Solana defi power user, we have a YBX incentive program worth your time. Email us to learn more.

$YBX will earn Solana staking yield (~8%), MEV capture (LSTs using Jito's MEV client), and lending yield (from marginfi).

If you're holding USDC, USDT, DAI, FRAX, or any other stablecoin backed by centralized assets, $YBX will provide a decentralized, diversified, yielding alternative.

$YBX will be fully collateralized by LSTs you've lent into marginfi. The whitepaper is available here. Join the early access list and make sure your LSTs are eligible.

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